23 Recipes For Your Super Bowl Sunday

We love any holiday that has eating at the forefront of activities, so you can imagine that we go pretty big for Super Bowl Sunday! Tate’s dad has his favorite team – the Buccaneers – playing in the Super Bowl this year, which means we have an even bigger reason to celebrate. Today we are giving you the best of the best when it comes to Super Bowl feasting options. We always like to have lots of appetizers at the start of the game and an entrée that can slow cook until halftime. We don’t want to have to watch the halftime show while slaving away in the kitchen! Most of these recipes can be made in advance so that you can enjoy the game from start to finish.

  1. Kale & Artichoke Dip – our favorite OG party dip that is sneaky healthy. You won’t have to feel bad if you crush the entire bowl in the first quarter.

2. Homemade Pretzel Bites – this is the appetizer that Tate’s dad’s is famous for at parties. We cook some of the pretzel bites in a ring with the Kale & Artichoke Dip in the center and bake the rest on a cookie sheet for dipping. These look very impressive for guests but are actually easy to make.

3. His & Hers Air Fried Wings – we love a recipe that tastes indulgent but is actually on the healthy side. These air fried wings are crispy and packed with flavor. “His” wings are traditional buffalo flavor while “her” wings are a savory Indian inspired chicken wing with turmeric and tandoori powder. They give a little something for everyone to pick at during game time!

4. Homemade Guacamole this is our go-to recipe for homemade guac. Once you make this you’ll never go back to anything bought at the grocery store. This guac is a great as an appetizer but is also a nice topping for some of the entrees below.

5. Buffalo Chicken Dipthis is one of our favorites as Tuck’s dad loves buffalo chicken. Our version is a little different than other recipes out there- we have lightened things up a bit with Greek yogurt as the base of the dip and have a garlicky bread crumb topping that is pretty much to die for.

6. Seven Layer Dip Nachosone of the newest recipes to our list, we love this take on the traditional seven layer dip. Turning the dip into nachos makes the cheese and refried beans hot and melty, while keeping the sour cream and guacamole chilled for dipping into.

7. Jalapeno Poppersanother one of our favorite recipes for people that like some heat in their appetizers! Our poppers are stuffed with all of the flavors of a cheesesteak, minus the steak. Lots of cheese, caramelized onions, and bell peppers make these incredibly tasty and a crowd favorite.

8. Buffalo Cauliflowerit’s always nice to have some vegetarian options on the table, and this Buffalo Cauliflower is one of our go-to recipes. We have again used the air fryer for this recipe, which makes the cauliflower crispy without making it greasy. This is another appetizer that can be served in tacos as an entree for vegetarians.

9. Pepperoni Pizza Dip you can probably tell from the photo below that we originally made this dish for our Halloween menu last year. It is SO good for any gathering, which is why it made the list! You can easily shape the dough into a football for the Super Bowl if you want to theme it out your party foods.

10. Air Fryer Corn Dogs the air fryer strikes again, this time for mini corn dogs! We made these for last year’s Golden Globe Awards menu and they were such a crowd pleaser that we make them regularly for a fun snack. They are healthy and easy to make thanks to cornbread mix and the air fryer.

11. Beer Braised Instant Pot Chicken – we love making recipes in the Instant Pot because we can set it, forget it, and keep watching the game. This spicy pulled chicken has a burst of citrus from the limes and a nice little kick from the Corona. We like to serve this chicken as tacos with our homemade guacamole recipe above.

12. Octoberfest Chili – this is a great choice for your menu if the weather is supposed to be cold. This chili might be vegetarian but it’s rich and hearty – we promise you won’t miss the meat. Serve this with our Cast Iron Corn Bread below for a stick to your ribs sort of meal.

13. Smoked Brisket on the Big Green Egg – if you are an “egg head” you know that smoking a large brisket is a labor of love, but one that we are glad to put the work into! We smoke a big brisket (15+ lbs) and serve it sliced with barbecue sauce and all of our favorite bbq side dishes like our Everything Bagel Coleslaw, Cast Iron Corn Bread, or Hatch Chili Mac & Cheese. We use the leftovers for everything from chili to tacos to breakfast hash.

14. Instant Pot BBQ Pulled Pork – another Instant Pot recipe that is great for game day. We love this BBQ Pulled Pork in sliders or sandwiches, served with barbecue sauce, homemade pickles, and our Everything Bagel Coleslaw below. It would also be great in tacos or on our Seven Layer Dip Nachos, above.

15. Italian Beef Sandwiches – one of our newest recipes on the blog! If you have lived in or visited Chicago, you know Italian beef sandwiches are a classic. Tate’s mom has perfected this recipe over the years and it is always a favorite of ours. We serve these sandwiches with provolone, giardiniera, and lots of jus for dipping. We practically drown our sandwiches the jus is so good, so serve them with lots of napkins!

16. Chicken Tortilla Soup – while the Super Bowl is known for some pretty heavy eating, that doesn’t mean that every dish needs to have a health warning attached. This is a healthy recipe that is quick and easy to prepare. It’s also one of those recipes that the longer it sits, the better it tastes- perfect for game day! You can create an easy and delicious Mexican inspired menu with our Seven Layer Nachos above and Skillet Corn Bread below.

17. Chicken Chili Verde – green chili is a signature dish in Colorado and this is one of our many versions that we have developed over the years. We love the punch from the tomatillos in this chili and that it’s lighter with chicken. We serve this with ALL of the toppings and have our guests make their chili dreams come true.

18. Cast Iron Corn Bread – this is one of our favorite side dishes to make for just about any dinner! This crunchy corn bread pairs well with everything from Instant Pot Beer Braised Chicken to Oktoberfest Chili. While we love it piping hot out of the oven, it can be prepared ahead of time and served at halftime with your favorite entree.

19. Hatch Chili Mac & Cheese – another great side dish option for nearly everything, but we love to serve this hatch mac with our Big Green Egg Brisket or our Chicken Chili Verde. It makes a huge batch and holds well in the oven, making it a great game day recipe.

20. Everything Bagel Coleslaw – this coleslaw was featured on our 2020 Super Bowl Menu. We topped it onto sandwiches with our Instant Pot Pulled Pork and it was an immediate hit! Serve this with any of our smokey meat entrees for a killer combo.

21. Pumpkin Corn Bread Muffins with Cinnamon Honey Butter – another great side dish for just about any of the entrees on our list. We love anything that comes in individual servings, that way our guests can help themselves in the kitchen!

22. S’mores Blondies– every good dinner menu needs a dessert, and we love these bite sized S’mores Blondies. They are a favorite for all ages and can be made ahead of time so that no one has to miss the game!

23. Heath Bar Browniesanother bite sized dessert that is perfect for the 4th quarter. These brownies are made extra decadent with a hint of caramel from the Heath bars.

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