Fall Fest 2019

Fall is one of our favorite seasons, and like most people, we get swept up in the activities that come with the cooler weather. To celebrate, we planned a little fall get together with a few of our friends. While our party was adults only, everything we planned can easily be include children (with some adult supervision).

The Theme All things fall! The menu, decor, and activities all went with this theme including orange table cloths (plastic for pumpkin carving and paint), festive napkins and plates, and of course a fall themed menu. Due to the activities, we kept the decor minimal and spent more time on the menu and entertainment.

The Menu

The Activities

Pumpkin carving and skull painting! We provided each couple with a pumpkin and skull (skulls and paint from Michaels) so that there was something to do for everyone. We purchased pumpkin carving kits so that everyone had the right tools and some design inspiration.

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