Hanukkah Dinner 2019

Let the winter holiday season begin!! It feels like from the moment that Thanksgiving comes and goes, we are in a quick and busy countdown to the weeks of winter holidays. Tuck & Tate come from households where they celebrate both Jewish and Christian holidays. We love a reason to celebrate just about anything (as you can tell from our Entertaining section), but Hanukkah is unique because it lasts for eight nights. For Tuck & Tate this means many dinners with family and friends and a whole lot of latkes. Whether you are hosting or attending a holiday dinner in the next few weeks, it’s nice to have a few trusty and reliable recipes in your back pocket. That way the focus can be on celebrating and creating memories and not about what is burning in the kitchen. 

The Theme 

Our theme and inspiration for Hanukkah Dinner this year was to take all of the classics of the holiday and give them a contemporary and exciting twist. Like all holiday celebrations, there is a fine line between tradition and having something feel too repetitive. Every once in a while traditions need a glow up to keep the holidays feeling fresh and exciting. For our Hanukkah tablescape and menu, we did just that. We kept the traditional themes of metallic colors and hues of blue, but gave them a contemporary twist. We also have a centerpiece with nine metallic candle holders, just as a menorah would have. We love this tablescape because you can use it for nearly any holiday celebration- Hanukkah, a nice brunch, Christmas dinner… it is very universal. 

The Table 

Placemats: Chilewich Bamboo in Seaglass

Napkins: Chilewich Single Sided Napkin in White 

China: Waterford Ballet Ribbon Collection 

Wine Glasses: Riedel Cabernet/Merlot 

Centerpiece: Homefest- see similar 

The Menu

We wanted our Hanukkah menu to feel just as refreshed as our tablescape. We’ve traded brisket for Mustard & Parmesan-Crusted Lamb Chops. Latkes get a makeover by using three varieties of potatoes and a Green Goddess Sour Cream. We will be posting recipes all week from the menu below… stay tuned!

Hanukkah Dinner 2019 

Dijon Crusted Rack of Lamb with Garlicky Green Beans 

Mixed Potato Latkes with Green Goddess Sour Cream 

Nana’s Challah 

Kale & Quinoa Winter Salad 

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