Restaurant Maps

One of the things we pride ourselves on most is giving a great restaurant recommendation. There is no better feeling than getting a message from friends anywhere from Denver to Indianapolis to Rome to say that they loved our restaurant choice! With that in mind, we have created city maps so that we can easily recommend our favorite restaurants from cities we have lived in and traveled to our readers.

Our Favorite Phoenix Tacos

We were thrilled to be headed to Goodyear, Arizona for Spring Training with the Cleveland Indians this year. With limited things to do thanks to Covid restrictions, we set out in search of the best tacos in Phoenix and the surrounding areas. The quest turned into quite an adventure; we visited seven tacos shops in 5 weeks and ate more tacos than we are willing to admit. We considered ourselves semi-expert in judging carne asada and al pastor tacos by the end of Spring Training. Through our adventures we found our favorite overall taco shop (Backyard Taco), the best birria tacos we’ve ever had (Tacos Chilangos), and a number of great authentic restaurants along the way. Check out the Google Map for all of our recommendations.

Denver Dumpling Crawl

There is no distance too far for us to travel for quality dumplings. We have scoured many cities including Los Angeles and New York for the best dumplings and are so excited that with the growth in Denver’s restaurant scene, we don’t have to look far to eat some of our favorites! We put together this Denver Dumpling Crawl in a Google Map so that you can take a tour de dumplings with us. Listed in the map are the best times to visit each restaurant as well as our favorite dishes to order. We have kept this list paired down to dumplings and potstickers only. We have only scratched the surface, so be sure to follow this list on Google Maps as we will continually add new spots we like!